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Outdoor flashing

To make erotic shots is very nice, but isn’t it even more exciting to do it outdoors? Sure, there is a little bit of a danger to be caught. On the other hand, doesn’t make this eventuality the whole enterprise even more interesting? But to lift the skirt and show your pretty butt for a second at some silent corner in the park doesn’t cause too much risk, does it?

  • (op) A park might be an ideal place, cause there are many silent places and the danger of being caught can be reduced very much.
  • (op) Going for a walk in a long coat is harmless, though if there is nothing under it, it’s very exciting and offers lots of options for hot shots ;)

L: yes yes yes, we’re gonna do this, babe! :D also in a big supermarket or in a dressing room while trying new clothes ;)

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